Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Utah Voter Poll?

The Utah Voter Poll is a means for measuring and studying public opinion about politics and public policy in Utah. It provides a way to find out what Utah voters think between elections when there is often limited information about what voters want.

How and why was I selected for the Utah Voter Poll?

On Election Day you were randomly selected to participate in the KBYU/Utah Colleges Exit Poll as you left the polling place where you cast your vote. You were selected to fill out a form for the Utah Voter Poll inviting you to share your email address with us and participate in future surveys.

What will my email address be used for?

Your email address will never be shared with any other organization or group. You will not receive any “spam” or unsolicited emails from either the Utah Voter Poll or any other group. We will send an occasional email inviting you to participate in the latest Utah Voter Poll as well as a brief reminder to those who have not yet participated.

How can I remove my name from the mailing list?

If you don’t wish to participate in a one particular poll, but are willing to participate in future polls, you don’t need to do anything. We will continue to request your participation in future surveys even if you can’t help us this time.

If you want to discontinue your participation in our panel and be removed from our list permanently you are free to do so at any time. Simply contact us and request that you be removed from our list. We will then remove your name and not contact you again. The quickest method to do this is sending an email from the email account to which we sent our invitation to If you prefer to contact us by phone or regular mail, our contact information is listed here.

Can I see the results of the survey?

Yes. At the end of the survey answer “yes” to the question asking if you want an email with the results of this survey. Once the survey is completed and the data collected, we will send you an email with a URL to the results posted on the internet. If you forgot to do this when you responded to the survey or you are not a member of the Utah Voter Poll panel but want to see the results, please send an email requesting the results to

Who sponsors the Utah Voter Poll?

The Utah Voter Poll is a project sponsored by the Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy at Brigham Young University. Professors Chris Karpowitz, Quin Monson and Kelly Patterson from Brigham Young University have worked together to develop and field the Utah Voter Poll.

How often will I be asked to complete surveys?

At most, you may be sent invitations to participate in surveys three to four times a year, or about once very three to four months. Because the focus of the surveys will usually be on politics, elections, and public policy, we plan to do surveys around election time, during the state legislative session, and when other important political events occur in the state.

Who will see the answers to this survey?

Your answers are completely confidential; only academic researchers with a legitimate need to know will ever see the full data and results from the survey. Your survey responses will be used only for aggregated statistical tabulations, such as “60% of Utah voters approve of the job the governor is doing” or “10% more women than men voted for Democratic candidates in the last election.” Your individual answers will never be shared with anyone in a manner that reveals your identity or your contact information.

Will my name be associated with my answers?

You name and/or email address will never be associated with your answers. No one will be able to connect your answers with your name or email address.

Can I sign friends up for the Utah Voter Poll?

No, because this survey is a probability sample of Utah voters that depends on random selection for its scientific validity.

What is my commitment to the Utah Voter Poll?

We only ask that you volunteer a few minutes of your time to respond to our questions. Your answers are extremely valuable to the studying and understanding of voting behavior, public policy, and public opinion in Utah.

Is there any monetary compensation for participating in the poll?

Sadly, because this is an academic survey with limited resources, we cannot offer any monetary compensation for your participation. Nevertheless, your answers are extremely valuable to our research and will be shared with policy makers so that Utah government can be more responsive to the public.

Do I have to complete a survey immediately after receiving an invitation email?

No. We appreciate your swift response to our invitations, but unlike a typical telephone survey a big advantage of Internet surveys is that you are free to complete the survey when it is most convenient for you. The surveys are generally active for several days after you receive the first email inviting you to participate. Generally, we will send a reminder email to those who haven’t responded before we deactivate the survey.

How long does it take to complete Utah Voter Poll surveys?

Our surveys will usually be between 20 to 30 questions long. Most participants take from 5 to 10 minutes to complete surveys of this length. If we ever do surveys longer than this, we will forewarn you in the email invitation.

I share an email address with someone else who filled out your form on Election Day. May I participate in the survey in their place?

No. We prefer that the person who filled out the form on Election Day compete the survey because that person was selected to participate through a random selection process that helps to ensure that our sample is representative. The person who filled out the form is the one who gave us their email address and agreed to participate in the panel. If people participate that were not selected through the random sampling process, then it endangers the validity of our survey.

If you have questions about the Utah Voter Poll that are not answered here, please email them to